RT @LCRWnews: are you fucking kidding me https://t.co/bLmQU3Ttrt
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RT @prolewave: Frontline Medics is offering Street Medic Training aimed at people of color in the #TwinCities area. Help share & connect p…
13 mins ago
RT @Vicky_ACAB: So uhh just having finished a book on the history of rioting and looting as an anti-police tactic in the US (like as in lit…
14 mins ago
RT @WholeWorkerWFM: Whole Foods is really really gonna regret this. Stay tuned. https://t.co/ubOvCx1wiL
18 mins ago
RT @SophNar0747: Stolen target goods have been turned into a place for protests to get items/help. https://t.co/pnHY2fajjZ
13 hours ago
RT @rtyson82: Powerful https://t.co/fjZCBSIhYQ
13 hours ago
RT @TGTWorkersUnite: Black lives are more important than Target stores. We stand in solidarity with Minneapolis workers against police ter…
13 hours ago
RT @solomongeorgio: Black people have every right to burn down a country they built for free
13 hours ago
RT @papa_maybe: The Haitian Revolution is an unfinished project. It's kinetic energy still hovers in the atmosphere...
13 hours ago
RT @keatxngrant: THEY BURNED THE TARGET DOWN https://t.co/TGmSE29JW1
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