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Supervisor Marion Ashley, District #5

Dataset #1 KEYWORDS:  “air quality” “diesel” “particulate” “pollution” SYNOPSIS:  Marion Ashley: “I’m not going to lose any sleep. I’m not going to have a guilt trip,” he said when I […]

Supervisor John J. Benoit, District #4

So after compiling all the information in the excel spreadsheet, several findings became apparent, all of which highlighted John J. Benoit as an official who does not do much to improve the pollution situation in his area, but nevertheless appears to make minimal efforts to bring about small changes, if any, or statements for his own interests.

Supervisor Jeff Stone, District #3

The few number of times Mr. Stone has voiced himself in over 3 ½ years indicates a diluted attitude towards assisting the situation, even though it is apparent he does care somewhat about the issue. Despite an attempted law suit against shipping ports, and a slightly ironic proposal to decrease pollution via an additional highway, Stone seems to sit in the background as the battle against air pollution is fought elsewhere.

Supervisor John Tavaglione, District #2

These statements could be found in newspapers in the Press-Enterprise and the San Bernardino Sun. The themes that Tavaglione focuses on have to do mainly with air quality. The big topic in the 2nd District is the battle between air quality and warehouses development.

Supervisor Bob Buster, District #1

Riverside County Supervisor Bob Buster seems to have very little to say about the issues facing the Latino community in California today. In the numerous articles discussing air quality, particulate, diesel, and pollution he only has nine statements attributed to him. Four of the statements attributed to Buster were about pollution.

Mayor Aquanetta Warren, Fontana

Aquanetta Warren’s proposed redevelopment of Fontana would bring pollution to the community. Although redevelopment can create green buildings and housing in the long run, during construction, air quality decreases and particulates increase from machinery. Aquanetta Warren has not made these issues her concern.