KEYWORDS:  “air quality” “diesel” “particulate” “pollution”

SYNOPSIS:  Although she wasn’t quoted in all of the articles we included in our excel data, she showed a strong presence within her community. The articles show that Aquanetta Warren attended fundraisers, health conferences and community events. Apart from advocating solar panels, she was somewhat silent in regards to the words in our search string. In the articles in the Fontana Herald News starting from 2002 through 2011, those exact phrases were rarely, if ever, mentioned.
She is a very strong advocate for real estate redevelopment. When she became mayor in 2010, she protested the Governor’s proposed ban on redevelopment firms. Aquanetta Warren’s proposed redevelopment of Fontana would bring pollution to the community. Although redevelopment can create green buildings and housing in the long run, during construction, air quality decreases and particulates increase from machinery. Aquanetta Warren has not made these issues her concern.
In over 150 articles, air quality was mentioned 0 times.
Total number of articles in which official is represented at least once as an attributed source: 45
Time span between first and last attributed statement by official: 2-25-1995 to 4-11-2009

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KEYWORDS:  “redevelopment” “developer” “real estate development” “growth”

SYNOPSIS:  Acquanetta Warren, mayor of the city of Fontana, California has been working within local government for many years. Since 2002 she has provided Fontana with numerous improvements to the city through her redevelopment work of the city. As the former Redevelopment Chair on City Council, Acquanetta Warren constantly is lobbying for funds to develop new establishments in the community to benefit the: economy, environment, education, housing, and general welfare around her. Since 2002 Acquanetta has been very vocal about her opinions on what is best for the city and clearly earned the respect of her peers by winning the most recent mayoral election. Through campaigns and hearings held for the public to attend, Acquanetta is not shy about answering questions about her views as a Conservative African American female leader. Her improvements to the community are seen through the creation of libraries, technology centers, 10,000 new residential homes for first time buyers, and over 13-million square feet of industrial development creating over 5,000 new jobs. These programs are all aimed to improve the lives of the residents, of which, over 50% are Hispanic. Though Fontana is predominantly Hispanic, she is against illegal immigrants and the effects they have on the surrounding community.

Acquanette Warren stresses the importance of redevelopment agencies in impoverished areas and speaks out against the governor who tries to cut budgets, which would take away the funding for these projects. Her main concerns have been on transforming problem areas and building public facilities. More then once Acquanetta has voiced opinion against the governor to ensure renovations are not being overlooked. Along with voicing her concerns, Warren is well aware of the troubles her community is facing – especially in an economy such as today’—and has helped numerous charity events to raise money for local community projects. As seen in our quotes, some may not be said by Acquanetta Warren but are taken from events in which she attended and supported.

When it comes to representing her community, Acquanetta Warren is not afraid to voice the growing concerns of her surrounding community. She has proved through her attendance to local community events and commentary at City Counsel meetings and debates that she will fight for her beliefs. Her ambitious attitude to redevelop and improve Fontana has led to a stronger community by the creation of jobs, libraries, technology centers, and new housing. Overall, Acquanetta Warren has taken a strong stance on the improvement of Fontana and has proven it through the millions she has raised in order to better the lives of its citizens. For further investigations on Mayor Warren and her relationship with Fontana, you can follow the City of San Bernadino Redevelopment Newsletter, or The City of Fontana Newsletter, The City of Fontana RDA Weekly Flyer, all of which are available online on Acquanetta Warren’s website.

Total number of articles in which official is represented at least once as an attributed source: 45

Time span between first and last attributed statement by your official: 2-25-1995 to 4-11-2009

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